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Text-to-Speech (TTS) Tools

Not many training professionals have a TTS tool on their list of must-haves, but they do have their uses, especially when compared with the alternatives. We found that our two main alternatives were: hiring outside professional voiceover talent, and using internal voiceover talent. For our team, those options can suffice, but may not be the optimal option for several reasons:

PROS– Optimal sound quality
– Forces scripting of video (which we don’t always do)
– Human inflection and pronunciation of words.
– Low/no cost
– In-house
CONS– EXPENSIVE! Especially for the volume of videos we produce
– Turnaround time
– Talent would not be in-house
– Subject to the capacity of the talent
– Quality is variable depending on available equipment
– Availability is variable based on person

During research, I thought a TTS tool would combine the best of both worlds, so I also began researching TTS tools. Most sounded robotic, including some of the more well-known ones (that shall remain nameless, lol). One tool from WellSaid labs actually gave the best quality I’d ever heard. While it’s not free, it is still cost-effective for our purposes. We will be examining this tool more.

What’s you go-to choice for TTS tool?

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