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Proven learning leader. Tech innovator. Learning strategist.

Areas of Practice

Partner Development

Creating confident people, thereby increasing job satisfaction and decreasing turnover.

Knowledge Management

Ensuring knowledge is accessible to the entire team.

Process Design

Guaranteeing your learning program is successful for 50 people or 5000 people.

Educational Technology

Scaling learning and development, and increasing engagement using relevant technology.

Areas of Expertise

Instructional Design

I am a trained instructional designer with expertise in:

Software Development

Almost two decades of experience as a full-stack developer with expertise in:

Leadership, Expertise, & Strategy

I have successfully executed:

  • Launching a training and learning organization from scratch
  • Scalable digital training solution (in advance of the pandemic) with overall client satisfaction scores of 85% and Net Promoter Score of +37.
  • Corporate onboarding strategy that resulted in a 1500% increase in productivity.
  • Knowledge management strategy that resulted in client support satisfaction scores above 90%.
  • Several highly-rated, revenue-generating premium training services including in-person workshops, virtual workshops and expert panels
  • Expert panels for Stanford University
  • Speaking engagements for Association for Talent Development
  • Consultation for several learning and development professionals
  • Creation of the “4 C’s of Successful Training Programs
  • Creation of the “6 Ed-Tech Commandments” (courtesy of E-learning

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