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Tina… The Person

Jason and Tina Gates wearing blue and silver Detroit Lions jerseys
Jason (left) and Tina (right) Gates

Learn more about Tina… The Professional.

As a proud native Detroiter, I usually tell people I was born, raised, and educated in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan.

I was first introduced to computer programming at the age of 11, when I learned HTML. This was significant because I didn’t have a home computer. In fact, many people didn’t. This was the early 1990s. Want to know more about me? Look at the 8 questions below!

When I’m not leading teams that create rich learning experiences, you can find me signing, gaming, watching my favorite hometown sports teams (Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons), and studying the latest trends in web technologies. I currently reside in Maryland with my amazing husband Jason.

8 Questions With Tina…

What is my favorite part of being from Detroit?

I love the friendliness of my hometown. I usually call it the “largest small town in America.” Everyone knows everyone and Detroit is a big city.

Do I have any hobbies?

Absolutely! Probably my most longstanding hobby is singing. I started singing in high school, where I was vocally trained as a mezzo-soprano. As an adult, I sang professionally until the pandemic turned many people’s lives (let alone hobbies) upside down. I sang with a Detroit-based community gospel choir and we would travel across the country singing for and with some amazing people. We’ve won numerous awards and even appeared on the gospel charts!

What is my favorite movie?

Yes! My favorite movie just so happens to be my favorite book and play as well. I love “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry.

What moment in my life stands out most?

Ooh! Great question! Definitely my wedding day. It was an overall perfect day and I celebrated my love with my favorite person, my husband. An easy second would be the day I moderated an hourlong fireside chat with the legendary LeVar Burton. He is so intelligent, wise, and gracious. It was like a conversation with a longtime friend.

What is my favorite place I’ve visited?

I’ve had the great fortune to be able to travel to over 30 states and several foreign countries. Of all of my travels, my favorite was Dublin, Ireland. The scenery was so green and lush, and the Irish people were very friendly.

What was your favorite subject in school?

That’s easy. I loved math from elementary school all through graduate school.

When I was younger, what did I want to be when I grew up?

Funny enough, I wanted to be a teacher and an engineer. I’ve been very fortunate to have been both!

What is something that makes me physically stand out?

That’s also easy! I’m only 5′ 1″, so I’m shorter than the majority of the adult (and some of the child) population. Also, I have very distinctive locs (in my hair) that reach the bottom of my torso.