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Self-Assessment & Rubric

Learning Type: Assessment/Evaluation

Developed: July 2016

Learning Outcome(s):
– Measurement of internal knowledge for client-facing teams
– Identification of internal superusers
– Identification of internal knowledge gaps

– Learner characteristics – internal client-facing team members who have been with the company for at least 6 months.
– All learners have access to the technology required to complete the survey
– Performance context/characteristics – Completed while at work

– Modality: Survey/Assessment
– Tool: Survey engine
– Measures: functional knowledge and domain expertise
– Details: Learners assess themselves on product knowledge and domain expertise based on a custom novice to expert rubric designed in-house.

– Communication plan developed in collaboration with Marketing Manager

– Delivered via email link to all internal teams minus leadership
– Allow two weeks for completion; after which survey will be locked

– Rubric design (wholistic rubric) based on novice to expert scale
– Data presented to leadership to guide product enhancements roadmap and training strategy.