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Knowledge Management Upgrade

Learning Type: Online content via KMS

Developed: January 2021

Learning/Organizational Outcome(s):
– Make tribal knowledge available to all internal teams for product support
– Build an internal knowledge base/wiki for process documentation
– Implement and populate a new client-facing knowledge management system

– Learner characteristics – INTERNAL: all team members regardless of role and tenure, EXTERNAL: platform users. External learners will access the tool during free time, or possibly at home, so needs to be accessible outside of network. There is some content for residents and attending physicians, so mobility is highly recommended.
– All learners have access to the technology required to complete the learning.
– Performance context/characteristics – Knowledge used to aid in performance of their role.

– Modality: Online/e-learning
– Tool: KMS
– Details: Online Knowledge Management System documenting features of software tool

– Content development plan developed in collaboration with Product Manager, Project Manager

– MVP (Phase 1) defined by project team
– Contextual video content served through KMS

– Learner survey (smile sheet) embedded in each content article.